Yangi Yangi Fox


Wanarn, WA

I was born at the Mission in Ernabella and I went to school in Amata. In 1971 I went to boarding school at Yirara College in Alice Springs. After I finished I school I moved to Pipalyatjara which was a new homeland just being developed. I started working in the craft centre doing batik, I then worked in the community office for a long time while I raised my children.

In the late 1990s I began working for the NPY Women’s Council on the mobile childcare project and continued for 4 years. Since this time I have been an Executive member of the NPY Women’s Council and I am delighted to have been elected a Director at the AGM in September 2019.

I am a Director of the Pitjantjatjara Council and have been on this board for the last 12 years.

Throughout my life I have been supporting young people to get an education and I attended the NPYWC Kungka Career Conference on multiple occasions. I am also a Tjanpi Desert Weaver and have travelled to Manchester, UK, to show my work. I have also exhibited in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth.

I was the Anangu Mayatja for the Pipalyatjara Clinic, employed by Nganampa Health Council for the l9 years, and I am now working as an education assistant at the Pipalyatjara School.

Yangi Yangi was elected Director of NPY Women’s Council for in September 2019 and Deputy Chair (2022-24).