Carmen Windy


Wanarn, WA

Carmen Windy

I am from Amata Community, but I was born in Alice Springs hospital. I am one of four and have two sisters and one brother. After I was born, we went back to Amata. I went to school in Amata Community and when I finished, I went on to work for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) as an Anangu support worker. I worked at CAMHS for 6 years, with children who experienced trauma and child abuse. We did a lot of training surrounding child abuse and neglect and I also attended vicarious trauma training. I finished up at CAMHS two years ago and moved on to work with Nganampa Health Council as an Anangu Liaison Officer. I also work for the Youth Team at NPY Women’s Council.

I am very passionate about working with young people. I have a young daughter and I want to inspire young women, especially people who are struggling and need some extra guidance. I want to be a leader and work together with community members and other organisations in a Malparara way.

In my spare time, I really love painting with my grandmothers at Tjala Arts & also love to spend time with my family.