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Ngangkari are Anangu traditional healers. For thousands of years, Ngangkari have looked after the physical and emotional well-being of their people and communities.

The Ngangkari program supports traditional healers to work in the NPY Land communities. They help people from our communities who are  patients in hospitals, nursing homes, gaols, hostels and health services.

Ngangkari work in partnership with the western health system to deliver the best health and wellbeing outcomes for Anangu

Uti Kulintjaku

Uti Kulintjaku means ‘to think and understand clearly’. The Uti Kulintjaku project grows capacity, and mental health literacy in Anangu communities.

People in the NPY region face many challenges when it comes to accessing effective health services. Remoteness, literacy, language and cultural differences are often barriers to people receiving the help that they need.

The Uti Kulintjaku project is a team of Ngangkari, senior Anangu, interpreters, and western mental health practitioners working together to strengthen understanding between both Anangu and western health systems.

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