Tjulpu and Walpa: Two children, two roads


A story about two children on different roads


Tjulpu and Walpa is the story of two children travelling down very different roads. Tjulpu is the bird that sings. Walpa is the blowing wind. Told by a collective of senior Aboriginal women and accompanied by evocative illustrations, Tjulpu and Walpa teaches that the care a child receives from early in life shapes their behaviour as they grow.

These stories show how the care we give a child, shapes their behaviour. It helps us to see that behaviour is like an anthill. We can see the anthill rising up, but there are other things – like children’s experiences and their needs – hidden beneath the surface.

This book is for community workers, parents, families and communities; working together to grow strong and happy children.

An Uti Kulintjaku – Clear Thinking initiative

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