Ngangkari: Traditional Aboriginal Healers

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For the first time ngangkari share their stories.

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Ngangkari  are the traditional healers of the NPY Lands in Central Australia. For thousands of years, Ngangkari have looked after the physical and emotional health of their people.

For the first time Nangkari share their stories…

Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari is an beautiful collection of firsthand accounts by Ngangkari which traces personal histories from pre-contact times through to the present. It is a stunningly illustrated book featuring artworks by Ngangkari and striking contemporary and historical photographs.

Who are Ngangkari? What does their work entail? How do they get their healing abilities? How can traditional healers address contemporary issues? What is their attitude towards Western Medicine?

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5 reviews for Ngangkari: Traditional Aboriginal Healers

  1. Fred Van Gestel

    Powerful, deeply spiritual wisdom, that Western society could learn so much from, if only it was humble enough.

  2. Dr Janelle Trees

    Wonderful book, opening cultural doors and giving perspective in healing in Aboriginal Australia, which may be the world’s oldest continuous human cultures. Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in the desert people, Aboriginal spirituality or illness/health. Beautifully made. I have two copies and have given this as a gift to loved and respected family, friends and colleagues who wanted to know more about Ngangkari.

  3. Botanical Health

    Loved this book so much ancient wisdom, highly recommend!

  4. Jane Miles

    An amazing book full of great stories of some of the greatest traditional healers .Their reflections of health is something we all need to factor into our own wellbeing .

  5. Jean

    Eye opening accounts and insight into indigenous thinking in relation to spiritual and thereby physical health. Came away with a totally different outlook when it comes to “welcome to country” and many other things. Leave your preconceived ideas behind and open up to a whole new (ancient) world. Loved it.

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