Irmangka Irmangka traditional Aboriginal balm


A traditional Aboriginal healing balm



Irmangka Irmangka is a traditional balm made and used by Aboriginal people in Central Australia (Anangu). Theresa has been making Irmangka Irmangka for NPY Women’s Council for many years.  Her balm is always in demand with families out bush. The balm contains wild harvested native eremophila leaves which she infuses in olive oil and beeswax.

It is a traditional remedy historically used by Anangu for poultices, applied to the chest to relieve coughs and colds, or rubbed into sore muscles and joints. Theresa makes the balm to continue traditional healing practices and help Anangu access this ancient remedy.

Ingredients: native fuchsia (Eremophila alternifolia), Australian olive oil, beeswax.

Available in 100g, 50g & 30g

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100g, 50g, 30g

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