Tjungu – Aged and Disability Service

Tjungu means ‘together’. The NPYWC Tjungu team work together with families and carers to provide support, respite, advocacy and case management to older people and people with disabilities.
The Tjungu team provides support for people to live in their communities so that family relationships and spiritual connections with country can be maintained.


We help our clients and their carers access the services they need. We provide assessments for My Aged Care and help people access the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
We offer practical help for everyday living; such as obtaining specialist equipment, bedding and clothing. We also help to coordinate care and make referrals for financial assistance.


The Tjungu staff listen to people’s needs and concerns and offers them support to help solve problems. Where common issues arise, we have discussions with government and other service providers to advocate for clients and carers’ needs.


The Tjungu team works with people on the NPY Lands who are interested in becoming disability workers. We can assist with pre-work checks and introduce them to disability & aged care support work.

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