Staff profile: Orewa Barrett-Ohia

My name is Orewa Barrett-Ohia and I’m an Intensive Family Support Case Manager based in Mutitjulu.

I’ve loved working for NPY Women’s Council from the word go.

I work in the Walytjapiti team which provides intensive support to families of children are at risk of neglect, or where neglect has been substantiated.

Each case starts with a referral to say that a family is having some worries. For example, a child might need to present at the family clinic more often than they have, or a child is not going to school, or a young child is being seen unsupervised at an hour when they shouldn’t be.

It’s a voluntary program, so the first thing I do is get consent. Then I meet as many of the family as possible and together we talk about what we’re going to do, based on their strengths, to keep the child safe and cared for.

People are so warm-hearted. I’ve felt the generosity and learned a lot from how mindful and still Anangu can be.

The environment is amazing, too, and I have loved driving the roads. Seeing the spring flowers as I drive past Uluru every day is incredible.

I think to myself: I’m living the dream.