As a lead Aboriginal service provider and employer, NPYWC has developed a formal framework that equally acknowledges and values both western professional disciplines and Anangu cultural and contextual knowledge within the workplace.

NPYWC is leaving traditional employment paradigms to better engage staff in Central Australia’s cross cultural context.

Ngapartji Ngapartji is the first edition of NPYWC’s Workforce Development & Capability Framework and is a holistic and evidence based approach to Aboriginal employment at NPYWC.

The framework is unique to NPYWC’s context, and importantly, requires Anangu cultural skills and knowledge to be embedded in all areas of practice. It believes that both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal employees are essential to the operation of the organisation to ensure the right mix of values, knowledge and skills.

During conversations with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff, members and clients, it became clear a traditional approach to Aboriginal workforce development would not sufficiently address the values and aspirations of the organisation. Relationships, language and culture, growing through work and empowerment were all strong themes that people felt needed to be acknowledged and included in this document.

The Workforce Development and Capability Framework places the responsibility on everyone to be constantly learning and developing, whilst contributing to the shared goals of the organisation.

The framework focuses on deeper learning in the areas of cultural safety, cultural awareness, knowledge exchange (both ways’ learning), malparara way and trauma-informed practice.

These areas contribute to a working environment that we feel, sustainably and realistically improves Aboriginal employment. It was important to NPYWC that the framework aligned with similar models and philosophies of work already created in the organisation.

Download Workforce Development & Capability Framework 1 & 2