Vision, Purpose and Values

Our Vision

All Anangu living well in both worlds.

Our Purpose

To support all Anangu, especially women and children, to have a good life, guided by culture and sound governance, through the collective agency of women.

Our Values

We are an Anangu-led organisation. We believe in the strength of our people, our culture, and the collective agency of women. We are continually guided by our values, to deliver on our purpose and ensure we deliver for and to our community, more and better choices; a good life for all Anangu.

Our values guide the way we work:

  • Piluntjungku; Peaceful and calm
  • Ngapartji ngapartjiku kulira iwara wananma tjukarurungku; Respect each other and follow the law straight
  • Kututu mukulyangku; Kind-hearted
  • Kunpungku; Strong
  • Kalypangku; Conciliatory
  • Tjungungku; United