1. Anangu culture, governance and agency / Kunpu nyinantjaku

Anangu women’s leadership, authority, culture and wellbeing is the core of our organisation.

2. Operational excellence / Wirura warkarinytjaku

We will invest in our people, workplace culture, systems and infrastructure. We strive to always be proud of who we are and continually get better at what we do.

Tjungungku warkarinytjaku mukuringanyi Women’s Council-tu anangu staff supportamilantjaku, rawa warkarinytjaku

3. Evidence-based practice / Warka malikitja utiringanyi

Using an evidence-based approach, design and deliver culturally appropriate and strength-based services. Develop our practice evidence and contribute to research and evaluation.

4. Strong relationships

Women’s Council-nya tjunguringu EC munu Jawun munu Anangu organisations tjuta. Warkarinytjikitja wati tjuta kulu, wati tjuta kunpuringkunytjaku.

We will find better ways to work with our existing partners and foster new relationships.

5. Anangu-led voice

Nganymanytju nguru nganana wangkangu tjitji malatja tjuta wirungku kunpu kanyintjaku rawa.

We will create better outcomes for future generations by nurturing strong Anangu women’s voices and actioning Anangu solutions for the region.

6. Financial sustainability

Business pakaltjinganytjikitjangku. Nganana wangkakatingi.

We will continue to develop a financially sustainable organisation through exploring new and innovative revenue streams and business opportunities.