Research Requests

NPY Women’s Council values research as a tool to improve its services and to provide a strong evidence base for all its activities and to contribute to building a broader evidence base.

  • Researchers wishing to engage with the NPY Women’s Council or its members are encouraged to:
  • consider how the research will contribute to the vision of the Women’s Council
  • familiarise themselves with appropriate guidelines for conduction ethical research developed by the NHMRC and  AIATSIS
  • ensure NPY Women’s Council participation at the stage of developing the intended project to optimise mutual benefits and to ensure the project is designed in a way that aligns with working with and in remote communities

It is critical to NPY Women’s Council that research is done following the appropriate ethical guidelines, and is in line with the best interests of the organisation and its members. Any research proposals will be assessed against NPY Women’s Council vision and strategic plan. Additionally, an internal research committee will use its Assessing Research for True Partnership assessment tool as a guide when considering approaches from external organisations. The internal research committee meets regularly to monitor research activity and ensure that research is conducted to meet our strategic goals.

It should be noted that participation of NPY Women’s Council in research projects requires the approval of its Directors. Requests for collaboration can be developed together with a Program Manager, or more developed requests may be submitted to the CEO, via email to the Executive Assistant at NPY Women’s Council expects early engagement to allow for input into the research plan. If you are unsure about who to contact, please email

Requests must include:

  • A short synopsis of the research proposal including outcomes, key timelines and activities
  • A clear research funding strategy
  • A clear statement of the support being sought from NPY Women’s Council
  • A list of all supervising and supporting/partnering organisations
  • Contact details of the person submitting the request
  • Information about ethics approval if already obtained.

The requester will be advised in writing of the final decision made by Directors soon after the meeting is finished. The requester may also contact the Executive Assistant direct for verbal confirmation of the Directors resolution.