Research Requests


NPY Women’s Council values research to improve its services and contribute to building a broader evidence base.

Researchers wishing to engage with the NPY Women’s Council or its members are encouraged to:

· consider how the research will contribute to the vision of the Women’s Council

· familiarise themselves with appropriate guidelines for conducting ethical research developed by the NHMRC and AIATSIS

· engage with NPY Women’s Council early so there can be scope for collaborative design and activities

Submitting a research request

There are two stages to submitting a research request.

1. STAGE ONE: Expression of Interest

All EOIs must follow this template.

Expressions of interest can be submitted at any time and will be responded to within approximately three (3) weeks. The EOI will either be accepted or declined, unless further information is requested.

2. STAGE TWO: Full Application

If the EOI is approved, a more detailed application will be required. All EOI’s and full applications are to be emailed to

What happens after I submit an application?

All research proposals will be assessed against NPY Women’s Council vision and strategic plan, and the Assessing Research for True Partnership assessment tool. Proposals will be considered by an internal research committee who meet quarterly (see schedule below). After a proposal has been cleared by the research committee, it must also be approved by the Board of Directors or CEO.

Research Committee Meeting Dates 2024

Full applications must be submitted two weeks before the next meeting to be considered that quarter.





Requests for collaboration can be developed together with a Program Manager. For any further information please contact the Executive Assistant on