Tjitjiku Inma

For thousands of years Anangu families have sung to their babies. Integrating Western trauma theory with Anangu cultural knowledge, the Walytjapiti team worked with senior Anangu women to record a collection of children’s songs in Pitjantjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra. The collection aims to build and encourage connection between children and their caregivers.

Listen to the traditional song Urungka Tjarpara, a story about children getting cold from splashing around in the flowing water.

NPY Women’s Council Walytjapiti team work with families and children at risk. They deliver trauma informed therapeutic case management with families so that children remain safe, happy and protected within their communities.

Tjitjiku Inma is a collaboration between NPY Women’s Council’s Walytjapiti team and the Ngangkari’s Uti Kulintjaku (clear thinking) group who, together recorded 17 songs in Pitjantjatjara and 11 songs in Ngaanyatjarra.

The Titjiku Inma project was developed to support workers and families amplify the strength of singing to encourage the continuation of this interaction between caregivers and their children.