Providing activities for growth that most Australian children take for granted

In big cities and regional areas young people can access activities like sports, and music classes fairly easily. In remote communities the situation is very different. From getting your hair cut to accessing movies, learning art, cooking or sports often relies on youth services like NPY Women’s Council. The activities provide more than entertainment, they also young people’s wellbeing, confidence. The activities are also commonly supported as a diversion activity for youth and a solution to reducing anti-social behaviour.

Participating in youth activities makes young people more active in their communities and more likely to be engaged in other / more activities.

Youth activities in isoloated and remote areas that have little access to extra cirricular activities and employment opportunities can play a significant role in increased mental health and wellbeing.

This March NPY Women’s Council took 8 teams (32 players) from across the NPY lands for an epic tri-state Basketball competition at Yulara. The weekend was filled with  basketball workshops and competitions, haircuts and good food…but more than that, it provided an opportunity for young people to grow in confidence, stretch themselves in different social settings outside of their community and become more confident in participating and contributing to events in their community in the future.
Congratulations to Kaltjitji (Fregon) who won the basketball competition.

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