Anangu researchers give nutrition study real meaning

Anangu nutrition staff are preparing to head an important new study investigating food security in the APY lands. Their central role as co-researchers will grow greater community engagement, relevant interpretation and greater outcomes for community members. The research is a joint initiative between NPYWC, University of QLD & Menzies School of Health Research.

The aim of the research is to improve nutrition and food security in the APY region through an analysis of people’s buying habits and the development of culturally appropriate nutrition education and promotion resources.

The project hopes the research will lead to the following outcomes:

  • evidence to inform policy and systems change, based on feedback from research looking at availability, affordability and accessibility of healthy foods in community stores
  • Development of co-designed priority nutrition education and promotion activities for APY communities
  • Increased engagement between NPYWC and Mai Wiru Regional Stores
  • Community-relevant knowledge translation products
  • Peer reviewed publications

Anangu Co-Researchers will undertake training in privacy and confidentiality, conducting surveys and understanding and interpreting data.

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