Image: Rhett Hammerton

Our Child and Family Wellbeing Service works with children and families to address barriers that affect child, family and community wellbeing.

We support family’s capacity to care for children who are considered at risk through two programs: the Child Nutrition Program and Walytjapiti (Intensive Family Support).

Child Nutrition Program

The Child Nutrition Program uses a holistic approach to support families to care for the health of their young children (0 – 5 years).

We provide education and support to parents, families and the community to address a range of factors that can impact on a child’s growth and development.

We also work with community stores in the region and talk about the healthy food options and policies.

The Child Nutrition program receives referrals from hospitals, community clinics, and family members for children who are not thriving or are at risk.

Walytjapiti Program

Walytjapiti means full family, group or gathering of relations.

Walytjapiti work with families and children (0-12 years) who are at risk or experiencing neglect.

We work with families in order for children to remain safe, happy and protected within their families and communities.

The Walytjapiti team deliver trauma informed therapeutic case management with families across eight remote communities in NPY lands.

We also provide advocacy and support to families where children have been removed including navigating legal services, access visits and reunification.

Referrals to the program can be received through statutory child protection workers, from members of the community and other community-based agencies.