Peter Mitchell on location for ALPIRI

ALPIRI series launched on ICTV!

‘Alpiri’ is a form of motivational or instructional speech traditionally used in the early morning in Anangu camps. Usually an elder would get up early to broadcast a message to people waking in the camp. In the Alpiri video series, we have produced short videos in which senior Anangu leaders send messages out to viewers. Produced over several days at Eagle Valley outside of Docker River, this project was brought together at the request of Pantjiti McKenzie in an effort to highlight the importance of this traditional practice.

This project was made possible with funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation and features Rene Kulitja, Roy Yaltjangki, Simon Butler, Peter Mitchell, Maringka Burton, Nininka Lewis and Ilawanti Ken.

NPY Women’s Council is very thankful to ICTV for hosting and broadcasting the collection of videos which can be found at the link below:

ALPIRI videos on ICTV