Rene Kulitja and Pantjiti Lewis return from their trip to London!

Senior artist Rene Kulitja and Ngangkari Pantjiti Lewis have return from their trip to London. Rene and Pantjiti along with Ngangkari Program Manager Angela Lynch, travelled to the UK to attend the opening of The Art of Healing: Australian Indigenous Bush Medicine a touring exhibition currently housed at the prestigious King’s College in London.

Rene and Pantjiti were honoured guests and presented lectures explaining Anangu healing practices, mental health and ngangkari traditions.

Between formal appointments Rene and Pantjiti managed to also visit Australia House, the British Museum, and lots and lots of art galleries!

NPY Women’s Council is very proud of Rene and Pantjiti as well as the Ngangkari program – who once again have highlighted the importance of traditional healing practices not just for Anangu but throughout the world!

The Art of Healing is open until the 28th of June at Bush House Arcade, London

The Art of Healing Exhibition