Tjulpu and Walpa

Our picture book Tjulpu and Walpa is the story of two girls.

Tjulpu (a bird that sings) is raised in a loving and supportive family and leads a happy life. Walpa (the wind) experiences domestic violence and is moved from family to family.

The stories show how the care we give a child shapes their behaviour. The book is used to educate people about how to raise happy and healthy kids.

Tjulpu and Walpa is a book for community workers, parents, families, and communities: working together to grow strong and happy children. It’s also to help children understand where their life is; whether they live in the world of Walpa world or Tjulpa.

Accompanying the book is a set of 30 illustrated conversation cards.

The cards may be used as tools by health professionals, workers, and families to assist with talking about challenging and sensitive mental health and related issues.

With illustrations from Tjulpu and Walpa on one side, the other side blank, they are designed for multiple application and are only limited by your imagination.

They may be used as conversation starters or prompts for storytelling or safe ways to talk about difficult things.

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