The Northern Territory Chronic Diseases Network 2014 Recognition Awards

The Northern Territory Chronic Diseases Network Recognition Awards 2014 were announced on Wednesday  3rd September 2014. Alice Springs Mayor, Damien Ryan, presented NPY Women’s Council with the award for ‘Conference Theme Category’. This year’s conference theme was ‘Equity at the centre: Action on social determinations of health’. NPY Women’s Council won this award for the achievements of a mental health literacy project: the Uti Kulintjaku project.

Uti Kulintjaku’ means ‘to think and understand clearly’ in Pitjantjatjara. The Uti Kulintjaku team includes Senior Anangu Consultants and Mental Health professionals who are participating in a series of workshops around mental health. By participating in these workshops together, Anangu and health professionals are coming to a shared understanding about the words to use when talking about mental health. For more information about this project email