TJUNGU AGED & DISABILITY SERVICE The NPYWC Tjungu team work together with families and carers to provide support, respite, advocacy and case management to older people and people with disabilities. The Tjungu team provides support for people to live in their communities so that family relationships and spiritual connections with country can be maintained.

Tailoring services to succeed in remote communities

A diverse set of cultural and language barriers can prevent remote Aboriginal carers access the support available to their urban counterparts.

The NPY Women’s Council’s Tjungu program has now been funded to work with Carers SA, the regional delivery partner of the Carer Gateway, to tailor support services for carers on the NPY Lands.  As Regional Delivery Partners, the Tjungu team are able to mirror services in culturally appropriate ways, allowing Anangu carers to gain access to services readily available to urban carers.

These programs are vital in making sure Anangu with a disability are not excluded from support they need:

Carer Support Planning

Many remote carers have difficulty engaging with online systems that require a high level of English literacy and understanding of complex administrative processes to access. The Tjungu Team will work with remote carers to make referrals and reviews on the carer’s behalf, ensuring Anangu with a disability are not excluded from gaining access to funding and support services.

In-Person Peer and Counselling Support

Peer Support & Counselling services are important to allow carers share experiences, learn from each other cope with an often stressful caring role. Currently, many of these services are offered online or by phone. Anangu carers with English as a second language and limited rapport with unfamiliar persons that are not aware of their background or circumstance find this difficult to access. The Tjungu team will support culturally appropriate ways of connecting and facilitating Anangu carers to support each other such as regular bush picnics with Tjungu team support staff.

Carer Directed Support

Remote community carers do not have access to respite services offered in cities such as meal and transport assistance. The Tjungu team will work with carers to establish what support best suits their needs. This may mean very practical support for basic needs such as the provision of linen, bedding and clothing.

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