NPYWC Awarded ASES Accreditation

In October 2013, NPYWC was officially awarded Certificate Level accreditation under the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) by the SA Department of Communities and Social Inclusion.

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) is built on the internationally recognised Service Excellence Standards.

 “Australian Service Excellence Standards recognises the unique characteristics of the Community Services Sector. They are a proven guide to quality that helps you to effectively manage your resources, gain better understanding of your customer needs and improve accountability and reporting.

When an organisation creates a quality consciousness this forms the foundation for a strong and sustainable organisation. Organisations that create a culture of quality also provide quality services to their consumers.”

The underlying principles to each standard are:

  • Customer focused
  • Clear direction with accountability
  • Continuous learning and innovation
  • Valuing people and diversity
  • Collaborative work practices
  • Evidenced-based decision making
  • Social, environmental and ethical responsibility

Certificate level

Organisations operating confidently and efficiently actively apply sound management principles and meet legislative, industry and government guidelines.

Organisations are confident that they have developed effective risk management systems; enabled effective communication; their people are working in a safe and healthy environment; fostered strong partnerships and consumer confidence in service provision.

Consumers will play an integral role in the development and planning of services and in the decision-making process. Independence is fostered by providing opportunities for feedback, linked to continual improvement of services and operating systems.