NPY Women’s Council Board of Directors have announced Liza Balmer as their new Chief Executive Officer. Liza Balmer has been NPY Women’s Council’s Acting Chief Executive Officer and has previously held the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

The NPYWC Board of Directors supported by Matrix on Board were focused on appointing a CEO who would protect and grow NPYWC’s extensive heath, social and cultural service provision in the NPY Lands.

“In the early days, our grandmothers, great-grandmothers have grown this tree up (symbolizing NPYWC). This tree today is standing strong. This tree represents the organisation and this is another way of telling the story. We want to hold this tree for the future of our young people, past and present to be strong. The most important thing is to keep this tree strong and we trust Liza to keep this tree growing strong.” Chair, Mamie Butler.

“Liza has been here from the beginning, she knows everything, all our families and she knows our stories. Liza is a strong woman we have great confidence in her.,” Chair, Mamie Butler.

Liza’s career has included over 25 years of research, policy and experience in service delivery. Liza has worked with NPYWC for more than 20 years beginning with her foundation work on the award-winning Child Nutrition Program. For over 10 years Liza held the position of NPYWC’s Deputy CEO helping to lead some of NPYWC’s most significant achievements.

“I am honored and delighted to be given this opportunity and I look forward to continue working with all the Directors, members and staff in delivering the excellent work NPYWC provides in the region. I am truly committed and driven by the innovative programs we deliver, led by women’s law, authority and culture, for all Anangu” Liza Balmer

NPY Women’s Council is now recruiting for a Deputy Chief Executive Officer through Matrix on Board. This position will be open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female applicants only. For more information on this position please contact Sally Clifford, General Manager, on 08 8985 1728.