As COVID-19 restrictions began to take effect, NPYWC staff faced upheaval to their roles and regular service provision. Some staff were overrun navigating new systems and urgencies while some found they were not able to continue with usual tasks.

The Job Rotation Program was developed to address this dramatic shift of circumstance and as an opportunity to strengthen NPY Women’s Council. The organisation had an extraordinary

opportunity at this time to work more collaboratively than ever and share knowledge, skills and experience.

The program enables staff to request to work with other programs or in different roles and offered both staff and the organisation a number of benefits:

  • Opportunities to be exposed to different program areas
  •  Fresh perspectives and different ways of thinking
  • Acceleration of professional development
  • Strengthening of succession planning
  • New challenges for staff and exposure to leadership roles

The Job Rotation Program is voluntary and based on a way of working called ‘Lattice Learning’.

For NPYWC it means that employees have an opportunity to see how other, sometimes similar or overlapping programs operate to bring back new knowledge to their positions to enhance their work.

Rotating staff have the opportunity to bring in fresh working styles and perspectives potentially increasing innovation, problem-solving and greater efficiency.

For staff the Job Rotation Program can provide a meaningful and “hands-on” learning opportunity. New skills, knowledge and challenges and the opportunity to step up into leadership roles. Managers can identify future leaders and provide them with training to step into roles of greater responsibility when the time comes.

The Rotation Program allows for migration of staff to areas that needed extra support during times of rapid change and challenge.