Recreation and Diversion

Recreation and Diversion

NPY Youth workers provide essential recreation and diversionary activities for young people in remote communities of the NPY region where there is often very little to do outside school hours. Families in the region tell us that it is during these after-school and holiday periods that young people get bored and are most at risk of getting into trouble. 

NPYWC Youth Program has helped establish infrastructure such as youth  or ‘rec’ sheds in communities, and provides the resources and equipment for a wide range of fun activities that help kids stay active, positive and contribute to personal development.

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After-school programs and youth activities After-school and weekend activities for young people are a key feature of the NPY Youth Program. Youth Development Officers organize all sorts of exciting and engaging activities for young people throughout the NPY region. The strategy differs from place to place  – some communities  have ‘rec-shed’, some don’t; in some communities we employ residential Youth Development Officers, in others our staff visit regularly and work alongside other organizations to support their recreation and diversion programs. You can read about the specific activities in each WA, SA and NT community here.

Whatever the strategy used – we seek to create lots of opportunities for young people to keep busy, stay out of trouble, try new things, learn great skills and feel good about themselves.  Whether it’s running the weekly basketball competition, organizing discos and movie nights, running music, art or woodworking sessions or hosting a regular healthy cooking class – our workers always aim to collaborate with senior men and women from the community in what they do. We blend modern ‘youth’ activities with ‘traditional’ practices and culture. We value young people’s interests and ideas but promote intergenerational learning between young and old. We also work in close partnership with schools and other government and non-government organizations in planning and delivering all our youth activities.   Working together to support the next generation of young leaders is what we like to do!

School Holiday Programs Every school holidays, a small army of workers head out across the lands – specialist staff skilled in inspiring, entertaining and engaging young people through a variety of creative, energetic, awesome ways!  From circus performing to hairdressing, African drumming to acting, dancing to dog grooming, music and film making, cooking, sports and bush trips – we offer a diverse range of school holiday activities to help young keep stay busy and out of trouble during the holidays. As well as reducing at-risk behavior, school holiday programs support young people’s re-entry into school after the holidays and provide an opportunity to learn new skills and be inspired towards further study and careers.

Furthermore, recreation and diversionary activities such as those run during school holiday periods are another of the many ways that NPY Youth Development Officers strengthen their relationships with young people and their families.  This compliments our casework and support work and brings many benefits beyond just the holiday period.

School holiday activities are planned with the input and ideas of many people. We consult widely before and after every school holidays in every community and  consider the interests of young people, the suggestions of parents, school teachers and community members and the skills and suggestion of NPY workers and other staff working in the region.

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If you have ideas for activities you would like to see happen in your community, or if you have skills you would like to share through our holiday program, please contact us.