Casework and Support

Casework and Support

The Youth team is dedicated to providing casework and support for young people in the NPY region – particularly for those who are facing issues such as substance misuse, mental health, violence, and homelessness.

Youth workers in our WA, SA and NT communities are trained to identify and respond to young people at risk. We take referrals from family, friends, other service providers of directly from young people themselves.  Do you know a young person in need of support? Contact us here.

Our aim is to address the issues faced by young people, prevent further issues from arising, and support them while they are making positive steps towards a better life. We also work with young people striving to realise their aspirations and goals – whatever they may be.

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NPY Women’s Council believes that young people’s need must be considered within the context of their family. Thus, we adopt a family- oriented approach to case management. In additional, Youth team staff work collaboratively with other NPY Teams (such as Nutrition, Tjungu or DV) and with other specialist service providers in the region to ensure optimum support and care.

NPY Women’s Council follows a rigorous and professional approach to casework and support, based on the following principals:

  1. Protection of human rights and freedom from abuse.
  2. Confidentiality, privacy and access to personal information
  3. Client self-determination
  4. Needs-based service delivery
  5. Non-discriminatory access and non-judgmental support
  6. Good management
  7. Duty of Care