Advocacy & Collaboration

Advocacy and Collaboration

To ensure for the best possible outcomes for young people in the NPY region, we actively partner with a wide range of experts and service providers. When existing resources are still inadequate, we then advocate for the elimination of gaps in services, policy and legislation and work with other stake holders through forums and meetings to address these issues.

The Youth team plays a significant role in inter-agency collaboration and advocacy on substance abuse prevention, treatment and youth services in the central region.

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We regularly contribute to and benefit from participation in interest groups, committees and forums, past and present, including

  • The OPAL Alliance: A lobby group comprising NPYWC, the Central Australian Youth Link Up Service (CAYLUS) and General Property Trust (GPT), owners of Voyages hotels and resorts.
  • Reference Group for the Amata Youth Action Plan convened by DPC-AARD
  • Central Australia Petrol Sniffing Strategy Unit (CAPSSU) Stakeholders Group
  • The taskforce following the Mullighan Children on the APY Lands Commission of Inquiry

An action research methodology, and the involvement of NPYWC members and families in developing project strategies, represents a proven knowledge base to bring to these forums. Members and staff have made many submissions to coronial inquests, parliamentary inquiries, reviews and evaluations and have used the media extensively to press for improved youth services.

Advocacy also takes place within casework and support, when the needs of a young person require greater resources and/or collaboration than is available to them.