What we do

What we do

“Women’s Council is always thinking about young people and their futures. We worry about kids getting a good education and having things to do so they don’t get bored… The NPY Youth Team works very hard to support young people in our communities.”
Margaret Smith, NPYWC Chairwoman.

Youth programs are a large part of the work of NPYWC. More than half the population in the NPY region is aged 24 years or under, with around 44% in the 10-24 age group.

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The Youth Team works to encourage and support all young people in the NPY region, especially those who are at risk, facing problems or looking to make changes in their lives. We are especially concerned with death and disability in young people caused by petrol sniffing and other substance misuse.  The Youth Program runs healthy, active diversionary programs for young people, provides case support, and works closely with a variety of stakeholders to improve services and facilities for all young people and their families in communities.

We employ Youth Development Officers   who work in remote communities in WA, SA and NT communities.  Due to different funding conditions, some workers are resident in communities, whilst others are based in Alice Springs and make regular visits.

The NPY Youth Team uses a holistic approach to youth work, using a variety of integrated and complementary activities. The main activities of the NPYWC Youth Program are:

  • Casework and Support –  for young people in crisis who are facing issues such as substance abuse, mental health, violence, and homelessness
  • Recreation and Diversion – fun activities and special events after school and during school holidays that help kids stay active, positive and contributes to personal development.
  • Leadership Development – supporting the next generation of leaders to access education, training and career opportunities. We help young people get scholarships to schools and colleges for further study, and we are currently providing training and employment for Anangu Youth Workers through our Indigenous Employment Program.
  • Advocacy and collaboration – Lobbying and promoting issues, building networks and partnerships to support and improve living conditions for young people.

We also publish Never Give Up news – a magazine promoting great achievements and positive stories of young people across all NPY member communities

We organise the Kungka Career Conference – a big gathering for teenage girls to learn about education, careers, leadership and life skills.

We have installed HITnet touch-screen computer kiosks in Docker River, Ernabella, Kiwirrkurra, Warburton and Mutitjulu. These provide contemporary and accessible information on a range of health issues for young people, including mental health.

We run the Kulintja Palyaringkuntjaku (‘to get better thinking’) a project for improving the support and services specifically for young people with the combined issues of substance misuse and mental health disorders