APY Lands SA

APY Lands – South Australia

Our Youth program in South Australia aims to provide culturally appropriate support for young people in the APY Lands.

We run a number of different projects with funding from different sources, that together address our four target areas –

To read more about the specific youth programs in the APY Lands – click on the links below.

Youth Programs in the APY Lands

APY School Holiday Program

The School Holiday Program in the APY Lands has to date been one of the longest running and extensive school holiday diversionary programs in the region. NPYWC ensures that every school holidays, every community across the APY Lands has fun activities and programs that keep young people busy and out of trouble.

Young People’s Project in the APY Lands: casework, diversion and support for young people aged 12 – 25 years

The Young People’s Project in South Australia’s APY Lands aims to reduce substance misuse and improve the health and well-being of young people – particularly focussing on those ‘at risk’.

The Young People’s project employs two Youth Development Officers who are based in Alice Springs and travel to the communities to deliver services and support to young people and their families.

If you know of any young people who need help with drugs, alcohol, petrol sniffing or other substance mis-use problems – please contact us. We are also here to assist with young people’s leadership development, so please contact us about scholarships, school and training opportunities.

The Young People’s Project provides the following services:

  • Identification and referral of young people at risk or involved in substance misuse by schools, clinics, families, other organisation or by young people themselves.
  • Engagement of young people: Youth Development Officers develop strong supportive relationships with young people and their families based on trust and respect.
  • Case management for young people at risk: developing a case plan – with the involvement of family and significant others to address substance misuse issues and to move towards realising the young person’s goals.
  • Links to diversionary activities, education and employment: The Young People’s Program helps to organise the APY School Holiday Program and other diversionary activities, as well as explore education and employment pathways, such as secondary education scholarships.
  • Networking and collaboration with other service providers to achieve the most efficient, co-ordination of service delivery.