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More than half the population in the NPY Lands is aged 24 years or under with around 44 per cent in the 10-24 age group.

The four key deliveries for the Youth Service are:

Casework and support

NPY Women’s Council Youth Service provides proper help for young people through case management support to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

We take referrals from family, friends, and other service providers, or directly from young people themselves.

We adopt a family-oriented approach to case management, and staff work collaboratively with other NPY Women’s Council programs and other specialist service providers in the region to ensure optimum support and care.

Recreation and diversion

NPY Women’s Council Youth Service offers fun, safe, culturally relevant activities that support the development of young people and their communities. These activities range from disco nights, sport, art, drumming workshops, and cooking classes, which contribute to personal development and helping kids stay active and positive.

We also offer more targeted activities such as camps, bush trips, and young women and young men’s programs.

Education and Leadership

NPY Women’s Council Youth Service nurtures future leaders through education and leadership opportunities in its structured programs, special projects and individual support. To help young people in the NPY region dream big and overcome challenges, we support and educate them on options for accessing education, training possibilities, and employment opportunities. This includes helping young people access boarding and community schools (including information on scholarships), and leadership programs.

Advocacy and collaboration

NPY Women’s Council Youth Service speaks up strongly to government, communities and other services to support good change for young people and their communities.

We undertake individual and strategic advocacy to help government and other service providers respond to the concerns and needs of young people in the NPY region.

We are a voice for young people in the NPY region on issues such as youth justice, substance abuse prevention and treatment, youth development, mental health, education, and effective service provision. We have a strong focus on building networks and partnerships to support and improve our services and quality of life for young people. We also work alongside other agencies to provide opportunities for young people to have cultural exchanges and develop new skills.

Specific youth programs include:

Remote Community Youth Program

The Remote Community Youth Program provides weekly activities that are led by Anangu and Yarnangu Youth Workers. These activities are fun, safe, healthy and educational. In addition to this, Youth Workers provide individual client support to young people and their families.

This program currently operates in 11 remote communities and employs approximately 27 people.

Boarding School Program

The Boarding School Program supports young people and their families through case management to understand, engage and take advantage of educational opportunities.

This program currently operates in four communities.

Kulintja Palyaringkunytjaku (KP) Program

The Kulintja Palyaringkunytjaku (KP) Program supports communities and young people to talk and learn from each other about mental health, sexual health, alcohol, drugs and healthy relationships.

This program currently operates in all our member communities and employs four people.

Law and Culture Program

The  Law and Culture Program provides opportunities for young women to learn about women’s only law and culture from senior law women.

This program currently operates in five communities and employs two people.

Never Give Up News

The annual publication of the NPYWC Youth Team, Never Give Up News is an exciting magazine that promotes great achievements and positive stories of young people across all NPY member communities.

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