Tjukurpa Kumpilitja (Hidden Stories), Kuka Irititja

56th International Art Exhibition 2015, Venice Biennale, Italy.

Kuka Irititja is a collaborative work between Tjanpi Desert Weavers and Fiona Hall that was exhibited as part of Fiona Hall’s exhibition, Wrong Way Time, at the 56th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale.

Extending on Tjanpi Desert Weavers’ history of making animals in local grasses and other materials, and her own explorations about the effects of colonisation, Fiona suggested they work together to make endangered or extinct animals from the desert region.

The women drew upon their intimate and intricate relationship with animals that is embedded in the interrelatedness of people, place, story, ancestral and lived experience they call Tjukurrpa (Dreaming), and arising from their knowledge of hunting, tracks and animal behaviour – including that of the predatory feral cat.