About Walytjapiti

Walytjapiti Program


uwankara atunymankupai

“caring, protecting, keeping safe for everybody”

The Intensive Family Support Service (IFSS) is part of the Commonwealth Government response to the growing them strong, together report by the NT Board of Inquiry in to the child protection system.

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The Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) began funding the IFSS in the Northern Territory and in South Australia in 2011 to increase the well-being and safety of children where neglect has been substantiated, or is at high risk of occurring.

NPYWC were approached and asked to consider implementing the program.  Following successful submission of the application, Walytjapiti was born in early 2012.

Following a Directors’ meeting in October 2012, the IFSS program at NPYWC was named Walytjapiti, meaning “Extended or full family, group or gathering of relations.” Strength, culture and land are also implicit in the term. The Directors also chose the words Uwankara atunymankupai – “Caring, protecting, keeping everybody safe” to further expand on the role of the program.