Projects, Education, Workshops

Projects, Education, Workshops


We give people practical assistance to help them with everyday living. This might include helping them get specialist equipment, and clothing, bedding, or household goods. It might mean helping people sort out their finances or developing plans for individual needs– assisting clients to live a healthy & satisfying life.

Advocacy is listening respectfully to people’s needs and worries, and how they want to resolve any immediate issues. We can then offer them support to solve those problems. Sometimes this means speaking up on people’s behalf to government, service providers and others. The advocacy role promotes respect and awareness of Anangu and Yarnangu and their culture.

Lisa’s story

This is a trailer of the short film(Lisa’s Story) that Tjungu team made last December.
Lisa lives with an acquired brain injury in a remote Central Australian Aboriginal Community. Despite the limitations she faces she is raising her two year old son Dante and is a vital member of her community.

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Case Management – “Proper help” Case Management involves helping people in a coordinated way; developing good working relationships and partnerships with other services assisting the same people. It includes maintaining accurate records- caring for people’s information respectfully, keeping it private and confidential.

  • Intake and Response
  • Medium to Long Term Case Management Intervention
  • Crisis Management intervention
  • Monitoring

Tjungu Team Services

Aged Support Assistance for older people in SA communities
Tjilpi Pampa festival Festival for older people in SA communities
Disability Support WA, SA and NT communities
Ninti Program Education support in Alice Springs for children from all communities.
Carer Respite Assisting carers with equipment a periodic break from caring
Emotional & Social Wellbeing Service For people with mental health issues and their carers
Aged Advocacy Speaking up on behalf of older people across 3 states
Disability Advocacy Speaking up on behalf of people with a disability across three States

Team Management and Support

Assistant Manager
Senior Project Officer Provides client support in town
Team Support Develops policy and procedures
Town support Supports clients in town
Quality Assurance Works on compliance with the National Service Excellence Standards