Research requests


How to Apply

1. Requests should be submitted to the CEO, NPY Women’s Council via email to the Executive Assistant at A request can also be submitted through a tProgram Manager to the CEO.

Requests must include:

  • A short synopsis of the research proposal including: outcomes, key timelines and activities
  • A clear statement of the support being sought from NPYWC
  • A list of all supervising and supporting/partnering organisations
  • Ethics approval
  • Contact details of the person submitting the request.

It is the responsibility of the requester to ensure all relevant information is provided to the CEO prior to the request being tabled with Directors.

2. Requests are tabled at the next Directors meetings. The Executive Assistant is available to advise the date of the next Directors meeting.

3. The requester will be advised in writing of the final decision made by Directors soon after the meeting is finished. The requester may also contact the Executive Assistant direct for verbal confirmation of the Directors resolution.