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Tjungu Nyinapai/Being Together: Our work with the frail aged and disabled people and their families.” NPY Women’s Council video, internal production, 2000.

Minymaku Way” SBS Film Production documenting the work of NPY, 2001.

I Want to be Free” Domestic Violence music video, NPYWC DV Service with young women from the Ngaanyatjarra lands, WA, 2002.

Ngangkari Work – Anangu Way: traditional healers of Central Australia,” NPYWC publication documenting the work and life stories of various ngangkari (traditional healers), 2003.

“Domestic violence is wrong” Booklet, 2003.

Maiku Kulintjaku: Food for Thought” Parts 1-4 Child Nutrition DVD: NPYWC and Ngaanyatjarra Health, 2003.

Framework for the Protection of Aboriginal Children in the Cross-border Region,” Dr. Pauline Meemaduma, commissioned by NPY and Ngaanyatjarra Health Service, launched December 2005.

Mai Wiru Mirrka Walykumunu: The Best Start to Life,” Nutrition Manual for Mothers and Children, 2006.

Speak Up Against Child Sexual Abuse” campaign television and radio ads., 2008.

“No Safe Amount – The effects of alcohol in pregnancy” 3 part DVD, posters and postcards, 2011.

“Sexual assault and the law” Booklet, 2011.