Ngangkari Gift Pack

This beautiful gift pack includes:

Ngangkari  are the traditional healers of the NPY Lands in Central Australia. For thousands of years, Ngangkari have looked after the physical and emotional health of their people. For the first time Nangkari share their stories..
Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari is an beautiful collection of firsthand accounts by Ngangkari which traces personal histories from pre-contact times through to the present. It is a stunningly illustrated book featuring artworks by Ngangkari and striking contemporary and historical photographs. (272 pg Coffee Table book)

Irmangka Irmangka is an Aboriginal remedy is made by the Ngangkari (Aboriginal healers) of Central Australia from the leaves of Native Fushia (Eremophila alternifolia). The aromatic leaves are traditionally used for poultices, applied to the chest to relieve coughs and colds or rubbed into sore muscles. Ingredients Native Fushia (Eremophila alternifolia), Australian olive oil, beeswax. 15g

Artwork by Naomi Kantjuriny, a Ngangkari traditional healer printed on a quality linen.

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