Munkaritja Kulinma/Kuliltjarra Nyinama

Munkaritja Kulinma/Kuliltjarra Nyinama (stop and think – consider the consequences) is a tool developed to support discussions with young people about behaviour, sex, digital media, relationships and family. The resource has been developed by the NPY Women’s Council Youth Service in consultation with the NPY Anangu communities.  It asks young people to think about their experiences, ideas and feelings about relationships, consent and safety.

Each image depicts a relationship scenario that can be used to facilitate conversation, express views and discuss personal and cultural values.  The images are accompanied by a set of questions in Pitjantjatjara, Ngaanyatjarra and English for the facilitators.  Set out in a presentation style format, this tool is an important resource for anyone working with young people.

This resource includes 13 images and question sets as well as advice for facilitating discussion.

Price: $65.00