Deep understanding grows big support

Since 1993 NPY Women’s Council has been working on the ground to support & advocate for the aged and people with disability in remote communities.

This deep understanding of local issues and needs has seen NPYWC’s Tjungu – Aged & Disability Service as a trusted place to seek support, care, respite and services.

NPY Women’s Council has worked with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for 8 years to advocate for the needs of people with disability and their families in remote communities.

Language barriers, a lack of services on the ground and transient living situations may mean that remote communities need a different model of support for accessing basic care available in urban centres.

Through our Support Coordination service, NPYWC is able to provide greater choice and control for remote clients who now have a lot more say on how and where they receive support such as:

–          Respite

–          Transport

–          Allied Health services

–          Participating in community activities

NPYWC’s understanding of the region and issues experienced by older people have led them to become subcontracted to provide home support assessments in our remote APY & NT communities and  to people in Alice Springs.

These assessments are aimed at providing the supports needed to assist older people to live in their own homes for as long as possible with help as required for things like meals, shopping and keeping their houses and yards clean.

The Alice Springs service provides an additional income stream for NPYWC while providing expertise and much needed services on the ground.

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