Celebrating the work of Senior Pitjantjatjara man David Miller

From stockman to supporting resistance against violence to women

David Miller has spent the last 8 years working to support resistance against violence to women and the mental health of young men and in remote communities through NPYWC’s Uti Kulintjaku (UKW) initiative. Last week David announced his retirement from the UKW initiative that he was a leader and founding member of.

Over his long and impressive life David has worked in many roles including stockman, educator, artist and community leader. David has also worked with NPYWC’s Uti Kulintjaku Watiku initiative on the award-winning book Tjanimaku Tjukurpa and was featured in Atunymanama, a book celebrating Anangu men as care-givers, teachers and leaders.

Here is an exert from Atunymanama from David:
Ka alatji nyanga paluru tjana nganampa nganananya tjamu tjutangku nintira wantikatingu Kutangku kutjupa tjutangku mukulyangku tjamungku uwankara nganana kanyintjaku nyanga paluru tjananya uwankara kuka kulu-kulu atunymankunytjaku malu palyantjaku uwankara. nganampa wantikatingu. Ka-la nyanga palulanguru nganana nintini yangupala nganampa tjuta malatja-malatja ka tjana ngapartji palumpa tjanampa tjitji ma nintini.

Tjukurpa nyanga palunya tjana ngananya-languru kulira? Ka kuwari mankur-mankur-pa nyinanyi ngaltutjara tjilpi. Palu tjukurpa kunyu nyuntu nganana ungkukati munu . . . Tjukurpa winki wiyaringkunytja wiyangku wantikati nganampa tjamu tjutangka malanypa tjutangka.

So, this is the way our grandfathers taught us. Many different people – older brothers, grandfathers – lovingly gave us this knowledge to keep. They taught us everything. How to look after the animals as well and how to prepare meat in the proper way. They left this knowledge behind for us. And it is from this knowledge that we are teaching the young fellas – all of our descendants – so that they, in turn, can teach their children.

Who are they going to get their understanding of this law from? Today there are only a handful of the older men living, sadly. But, of course, we keep on giving as we go along, to leave behind all of the law with our grandsons and younger brothers, so it will not be lost.

Thank you for your work David!

Listen to David read Tjanimaku Tjukurpa here






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