Job Rotation Program (NPYWC staff only)

This Job Rotation Program is open to NPY Women’s Council staff only.

The Job Rotation Program is an effective way to strengthen NPY Women’s Council, particularly in these times of change, and we would like to provide a platform for our staff to work across different program areas.

We have an opportunity at this time to work more collaboratively than ever and share our knowledge, skills and experience with each other.

The Job Rotation Program offers staff a number of benefits:

  • Opportunities to be exposed to different program areas
  • Fresh perspectives and different ways of thinking
  • Acceleration of professional development
  • Strengthening of succession planning
  • New challenges for staff and exposure to leadership roles

This way of working is often described as ‘Lattice Learning’. To read more about this please click here – Ladder and Lattice

The Job Rotation Program is voluntary and if you would like to apply:

  • Please complete the online application form and submit your resume.
  • To read more about how all this works, please click here – NPYWC Job Rotation Program – A Guide
  • For more information about the Job Rotation Program, please contact Wayne or Jules in the People and Workplace Services team.