Admin – What we do

What we do

The Administration team provides general administration support to all NPYWC programs and staff both in Alice Springs and remote communities. This support includes;

  • Management of properties including repairs and maintenance
  • Management of vehicle fleet including repairs and maintenance
  • IT & Communication systems

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The Admin team is also responsible for;

  • Reception
  • Asset management
  • Cleaning contracts for all properties
  • Insurance and
  • ERF (see below)

The Emergency Relief Fund is a grant funded program that aims to assist clients in situations of crisis.  It includes referrals to other programs and bodies, both within and external to Women’s Council, as well as assistance with food, fuel, travel, clothing, bedding or accommodation.  Assistance is administered daily until 12pm.


Contact Persons

Administration Manager  –  08 8958 2348

                                                Insurance, service agreements, lease agreements and asset management

Administration Officer  –  08 8958 2318

                                                Accommodation, Emergency Relief Funding

Administration Assistant  –  08 8958 2345

                                                Reception duties, provision of supplies, mail services

Administration Project Officer  –  08 8958 2307

                                                Special projects

VPM Officers  –  08 8958 2354

                                                Repair, maintenance and administration of vehicles

                                                Repairs and maintenance of properties

Senior IT Officer  –   08 8058 2332

                                                Strategic planning and research of ICT issues. Overall responsibility for ICT.

IT Officer  –   08 8958 2356

                                                Provision for day to day user support and training. Database support and development.