Finance – What we do

What we do

Purpose The Finance Department provides back-office support to all of the NPYWC programs by taking care of all invoice payments, salary payments, internal budget reports, and external financial grant acquittal reports. The Department also ensures that the organisation complies with a variety of external regulations by preparing periodic filings for a number of external institutions, for example the Australian Tax Office.

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Sound Financial Management and Transparency The internal financial management is tightly controlled by the use of budgets, regular internal reporting, purchasing controls and the system of delegations. The overriding principle is that all expenditures are done in accordance with not only the internal purchasing policies and procedures, but that they are also reported correctly, as per the relevant grant agreement requirements.

Annual Financial Statements NPYWC prepares general purpose financial statements on an annual basis. These are made available to all interested contacts, and also to our funding agencies. NPYWC has a consistent track record of receiving positive audit opinions.