Why is Empowered Communities important?

Why is Empowered Communities important?

We believe that Anangu organisations, leaders and communities, as genuine representatives of their people, are best placed to know what works and what doesn’t work for our communities here in the NPY Lands of Central Australia. Anangu have been working towards taking back control of our future for many years now. There is still a lot of work that must be done to improve the health, safety, education and general well-being of our people. Empowered Communities is a chance to create that change by making sure that as many decisions as possible are being made by or directly influenced by Anangu, that is the individuals, families and communities who will be impacted.

In some instances and possibly more so in the early stages of the EC initiative, it may be necessary and appropriate that decisions are made at local, regional or national levels, however even in these situations it will be important that Anangu are involved directly or their interests are properly and consistently represented via Anangu-led organisations.

It is imperative that Governments and organisations involved in Empowered Communities seek to consistently and constantly support Anangu by building capabilities to enable individuals and communities to confidently engage in the decision making process.

Under Empowered Communities, individuals, communities, organisations and government will be encouraged and supported to interact as equals.


Here are some more reasons why we believe the Empowered Communities model provides great opportunities for Anangu organisations of the NPY Lands:

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