Projects, Education & Workshops

Projects, Education & Workshops

NPY DV Caseworkers run a variety of community education and awareness workshops across the communities in which we work. These focus on a particular issue, such as sexual assault, the role of police on community, contacting 000, identifying ‘safe’ places/houses and strong women in communities, individual safety plans, child safety , informing and educating women about accessing services, and recognising the domestic violence cycle.

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Often, Caseworkers will organise for a workshop to be held outside of community, to allow women to speak more freely, as well as to facilitate the opportunity to dig for maku (witchetty grubs), cook malu (kangaroo) tails, and make damper over the fire. Workshops in these more informal environments not only allow for more open discussion between women and Caseworkers, but also provide a space where Anangu women are able to share the ways they tackle issues in their individual communities, and to share cultural activities with NPY workers.

Workshops are also designed to provide women from NPY communities with training and skills as part of a longer term education strategy.

Caring for Kids Project – Ross River training – click to read about a recent Train the Trainer workshop held at Ross River Resort coordinated by NPY DV Sex Assault worker Mimi Leung. Tjitji Tjuta Atunmananyi: Taking Care of Kids Project.

Workshops are promoted through posters at community services including the clinic, store and office, and by spreading the word with women about upcoming workshops when on the NPY lands for the court circuit.