The Child Nutrition and Well-being program supports early intervention and prevention strategies in its approach to Health Promotion throughout the NPY Lands and education plays a key role.

Education is provided for Child Nutrition Program clients and their families and can also be delivered to broader groups including:

  • General community members
  • School and College students
  • Health and social welfare professionals (PD)

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Group and one on one education topics include:

  • Failure to thrive and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder– what these conditions are, the implications and how to prevent
  • Healthy eating – what it is by focusing on growing foods, energy foods, protective foods
  • Store education – healthy food selection, product explanation, reading food labels
  • Food budgeting and money management
  • Introducing solids and age appropriate food and drinks
  • Breast feeding advice
  • Tactics for dealing with fussy eating
  • What to feed sick children
  • Good food for travelling
  • Appropriate child growth –weighing and growth monitoring – how to plot child growth charts
  • Education on specific common nutrition issues eg. anemia (food for strong blood); lactose intolerance
  • Correct formula use and how to prepare and maintain bottles appropriately
  • Food preparation and hygiene
  • Healthy cooking techniques, reading and modifying recipes
  • Reinforce other important social, health and education messages such as maintaining good oral health, personal and home hygiene, effective parenting, the benefits of play, social interaction and education for children

All Child Nutrition and Well-being Program Staff have tertiary qualifications in nutrition or social welfare related programs and attend regular PD to stay up to date with developments in relevant child nutrition education.