Projects, Education & Workshops

Projects, Education & Workshops

The Child Nutrition and Well-being Program aims to improve the health and well-being of children 0-5 years old in the NPY region and to assist communities to be healthier and more active in promoting and providing good nutrition .

The Child Nutrition Program began in 1996 in response to NPY Women’s Council members’ concern about the high prevalence of children failing to thrive and the consequent ‘welfare’ intervention.

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The program began teaching mothers how to cook healthy food for their children and has since grown and developed into a broader public health model including:

  • Nutrition education and promotion
  • Individual support , advocacy and intensive case management
  • Resource Development
  • Community Development

The program aims to address the broader social issues around Failure to Thrive and child well-being, combining prevention and intervention strategies. The Program also develops culturally relevant, user friendly and informative educational resources. These include

  • the Maiku Kulintjaku video/DVD,
  • the Mai Wiru: Mirrka Walykumunu child nutrition manual and the
  • FASD – ‘No Safe Amount’ advertising campaign/DVD.