About Us

About Us

With a few exceptions NPYWC is funded to assist Anangu and Yarnangu from its tri-state membership area.

Clients often have complex and distressing problems, many of which are highly confidential in nature and require painstaking supervision. They do not usually present in isolation and other family members, particularly children, may be at risk of harm.

The client group includes – but is not limited to:

Client Group

  • Children failing to thrive, whose parents’ own lives may be affected by violence, substance abuse, low educational attainment and poor workforce skills;
  • young people, aged twelve to twenty-five, some of who are disengaged from education or training or at risk due to substance abuse or family disruption;
  • victims of domestic and family violence and sexual assault;
  • people with disabilities including acquired brain injury, physical impairment or both, often from motor vehicle accidents, illicit drug or alcohol abuse or sniffing petrol;
  • the frail aged;
  • carers of aged and disability clients who need respite; and
  • the terminally ill in palliative care.